Thread: EOF reading in the buffer

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    EOF reading in the buffer


    If I want the program to know whether it is the end of data in the input buffer in the serial port. So I do:

    DCB dcb={0};
    if(!GetCommState(hCom1, &dcb))  //get default dcb settings
      printf ("GetCommState is failed\n");
    dcb.EofChar = '3'; //want character '3' to indicate the end of     
                                  //the data in the input buffer
    if(!SetCommState(hCom1,&dcb)) //re-set the dcb
        printf("SetCommState is failed\n");
    but it didn't work, even if the string in the input buffer is, for example {'1','2','3','4'},

    but it still read the whole string, I think character '4' should be read at least. What's going on with this?? Thank you.
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    Don't count on that working.
    Either you know how many bytes to expect or you devise a protocal so that you know when to stop reading.


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