Thread: debugging in msvc .NET

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    Question debugging in msvc .NET

    hey yall,
    im kinda new to visual studio, I used emacs and gcc on Unix systems at school.

    Whenever I try to compile in the debug profile it gives me the following error message:

    "unable to start debugging:
    unable to start program c:\programming\hello\debug\hello.exe
    The system cannot find the path specified"

    C:\programming is the directory I saved the project to, I don't know why it is looking for it in the nonexistant subdirectory "debug".......

    any help would be appreciated. thanks

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    Try selecting "debug" rather than "release" as the build type before pressing build.

    Note, this is different from the ctrl-f7 or whatever which just compiles the file. This by itself does not create an executable.
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