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    Font height when printing

    I can't seem to get this right...When i print a document, the lines overlap:
    if((pDC = CreateDC("WINSPOOL", achPrinter, 0, 0))){//OK
      //A4: W=21000, H=29700
      ZeroMemory(&dInf, sizeof(DOCINFO));
      dInf.cbSize = sizeof(DOCINFO);
      dInf.lpszDocName = "PrtTest";
      if(SetTextAlign(pDC, TA_LEFT|TA_TOP)==GDI_ERROR) GetErr("SetTextAlign");
        if(StartDoc(pDC, &dInf)<=0) GetErr("StartDoc");
          if(StartPage(pDC)<=0) GetErr("StartPage");
            if((hFont = GetCurrentObject(pDC,OBJ_FONT))){
              lpHeight = GetDeviceCaps(pDC,VERTRES),//get height of page
              lpWidth = GetDeviceCaps(pDC,HORZRES),//and its width too
              lfH = lf.lfHeight;
              lfW = lf.lfWidth;
          // Kundeinfo
            if(rs.GetData("navn", p1, 50))		TextOut(pDC, 10*lfW, 2*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(rs.GetData("adresse1", p1, 50))TextOut(pDC, 10*lfW, 3*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(rs.GetData("round", p1, 50))		TextOut(pDC, 1000, 3*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(rs.GetData("pnr", p1, 50))			TextOut(pDC, 10*lfW, 4*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(rs.GetData("psted", p1, 50))		TextOut(pDC, 500, 4*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(rs.GetData("kunnr", p1, 50))		TextOut(pDC, 800, 5*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(rs.GetData("round", p1, 50))		TextOut(pDC, 1000, 5*lfH, p1, strlen(p1));
    					if(EndPage(pDC)<=0) GetErr("EndPage");
    					if(EndDoc(pDC)<=0) GetErr("EndDoc");
    					b(hwThis, "Dokument sendt til printer", "Test", MB_ICONINFORMATION);
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    have a look at


    //this function will calculate the required size for a given text string (sBuffer)
    GetTextExtentPoint32 (hdc, sBuffer, lstrlen(sBuffer), &size);


    Look at


    first get it to calculate the area needed with the DT_CALCRECT flag
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    I figured it out.
    lHPrMm = GetDeviceCaps(pDC,VERTRES)/GetDeviceCaps(pDC,VERTSIZE),//Get height units per mm
    lWPrMm = GetDeviceCaps(pDC,HORZRES)/GetDeviceCaps(pDC,HORZSIZE);//Get width units per mm
    Then i just use:
    TextOut(pDC, mmFromLeft*lWPrMm, mmFromTop*lHPrMm, p1, strlen(p1));

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