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    Getting extra data from control

    You know when you create a control you can add something you want at the very end?
    HWND CreateWindow(
      LPCTSTR lpClassName,  // pointer to registered class name
      LPCTSTR lpWindowName, // pointer to window name
      DWORD dwStyle,        // window style
      int x,                // horizontal position of window
      int y,                // vertical position of window
      int nWidth,           // window width
      int nHeight,          // window height
      HWND hWndParent,      // handle to parent or owner window
      HMENU hMenu,          // handle to menu or child-window identifier
      HANDLE hInstance,     // handle to application instance
      LPVOID lpParam        // pointer to window-creation data
    How can I access that?

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    case WM_CREATE:
       CREATESTRUCT* cs = reinterpret_cast<CREATESTRUCT*>(lParam);
      void*  extraData = cs->lpCreateParams;
      return 0;
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    Is that the only way?
    I'm trying to store a pointer to the controls class,
    void MCButon::Init()
       ctrl = CreateWindow(...,(VOID*)this);
    like that, so that if I want to handle it's paint routine I can just subclass it, however I'd like to be able to use the one window proc to do it...which I would just test a member of the class which I would be able to get from that pointer.

    Did that even make sense? lol.

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    Maybe you want something like this.

    SetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWLP_USERDATA, (LONG_PTR) ptrToSomething);
    // and retrieve it later...
    ptrToSomething = (cast) GetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWLP_USERDATA);

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    Excellent, works like a charm..

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