Thread: Maximizing window with MFC

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    Maximizing window with MFC

    HI, this must be very simple, but I'm new to Windows programming.

    I want to maximize the main program's window at startup. But if I change cx and cy member of the CREATESTRUCT structure to values:
    Code:>m_hWnd),HORZRES);  and>m_hWnd),VERTRES);
    in the
    BOOL CMainFrame::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)
    function this window's size is the size of the whole screen and at the bottom is hiden from the taskbar of the windows. I it's y-size to smaller- not to overlap with the taskbar.

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    Post ShowWindow, maybe?

    You might want to try the ShowWindow function. Well, there is already a call to this function in your application's class (ex. MyApp.cpp) inside the "InitInstance()" function. It should be something like:

    Just change SW_SHOW to SW_MAXIMIZE.


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