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    Reading file

    I need to scan an entire text file and I would like to know which is the best between copying the whole thing into memory and loading it part by part.
    The file is not, or at least I don't think it could be, a large file, it is some sort of simple script for some simple tasks... (actually, it does not have a real goal except to make me discover a little more about programming)

    Thanks to all who will answer this.
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    File IO is slow but if the file is not large compared to the read size, it should not be a problem.

    I prefer to grenerally

    find the file size,
    alloc a buffer,
    read entire file,
    close file,
    process data,
    free mem.
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    For windows, lookup the functions


    I believe those are the functions
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    novacain >
    Thanks, I think I can do it that way.

    neandrake >
    I already know the functions. ^^ Just posted the question here because maybe I could get some platform specific stuffs but, don't seem to. Thanks anyway.

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    try file mapping

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