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    I have a problem like this:

    In MDI, there are several Child windows, they are opened when frame window created...

    ....WinProc() //frame window proc...
    char szBuf[20]; // to hold activated child window name.
    HWND hwndChild;
    in message handler, 
    switch (mMsg)
    // get the active child window handle
    hwndChild = (HWND)SendMessage (hwndClient,     MDIGETACTIVE, 0, 0);
    //get the active child window title name
    GetW indowText(hwndChild,szBuf,20);
    //display the title name
    MessageBox(0,szBuf,"window title",MB_OK);
    it pops up the message only when I click the submenu item, but it always give the previous active child window title name... I don't how to solve that...

    And how can I get the active child window name only by clicking the child window, not from submenu item??

    I want to get the active Child window's title name when I simply click one child window,
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    Your code is probably running before the child window becomes active. That's why you're getting the "previous" active child.

    Try running your code after DefWindowProc().


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    You could also try to place your code above the switch(Msg) line thus you always get the active window, however, this leads to other problems incase you receive a WM_SETFOCUS or WM_KILLFOCUS message in which case your "active window" code would be wrong.

    Why not just inside of a WM_KILLFOCUS message, wParam holds the handle to the window receiving the focus. Thus just set it as so...

    case WM_KILLFOCUS:
            hActiveWnd = (HWND)wParam;
            // other code here
            return(DefMDIWndProc(hwnd, Msg, wParam, lParam);
    that way you always get the active window, and you don't have to reset a variable (even when not needed) everytime a message comes in?

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