Thread: Here is my code -- please help

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    Here is my code -- please help

    I get an access violation when I try and update the data in the spread sheet.

    It looks ugly because I have been stripping and copying and adding new stuff to debug.

    To reproduce the problem:

    1) Run the program (duh)
    2) Click Input
    3) Click Input Game Data
    4) Double click the list control (excell type grid)
    5) click OK (the data is being forced at the moment)

    This should cause the access violation.

    I don't like to post my source, but I'm really stuck. I have written 2 other apps today just to test this and it worked both times!

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Which compiler are you using? I compiled error free with MSVC++ 6.0 Pro and the program exits as fast as it loads.
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    Thats because of the ActiveX controls need to be registered. I will post the regestration info.

    You can just go in and rip out the counter and Text to Speech contol off of the mail dialog, but oyu may have to rip out some other code with it.

    Sorry I forgot about the ActiveX controls. I'm just too focused on my other problem.
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    Use this to register the activeX timer. Then it should run.
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    I found the problem:
    In CLevelDlg::OnOK()
    m_pParent (CPayoutDlg) was used instead of m_pParentWnd. Just replace and everything is OK!

    Besides m_pParent was also uninitialized at this point (the value 0xcdcdcdcd means always "Red alert!" )
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    Thumbs up

    Your a life saver!

    I didn't know there was such a thing as m_pParentWnd.
    Thank you Thank you!
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