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    DLL for icons

    How can I have a dll for icons? Like say shell32.dll is?

    Also, for any of you that use the dev-c++ ide, how do I add icon and bitmap resources?

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    Ok, I've searched but I'm still having some problems...

    Now say I have my dll, I've added the resources to it and I've set the resource file so that it's like:

    IDB_TESTBMP BITMAP "test.bmp"

    test.bmp has been added to the file, and IDB_TESTBMP is defined as 5000.

    Now, how can I load the image from another file?

    I tried LoadLibrary and then LoadImage but I couldn't get it working..

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    Doh, I forgot to include the resource header into the resource file.. It works now!

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    did you know that dll's can also be used to make custom desktop icons?
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    Why, no, I didn't! That is just amazing. Thank you!
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