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    Angry Encapsulation window creation

    Ive been trying to get this to work but cant. Im trying to make a class Window that encapsulates creating a window, sorta like MFC's CWindow, but i keep getting a problem about WndProc can someone please give me an example of this or point me to a tutorial. I have no problem coding Win32 in straight C but i want to use C++ classes.
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    You probably have errors when setting the lpWndProc member of the WNDCLASS(EX) to a member of you class? If so, this is the same problem I had some time ago.

    This is because the member function also stores info about the current class in the addres (the Class *this pointer).
    There was someone who gave me a link to a site, I'll look it up...

    Found it: here

    If this is not your problem, explain it a little better


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