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    display pulse

    Dear All,
    I have heart beat signal in analog, after pass through ADC0804 and pass in computer through parallel port, how can I display the signal pulse in window in real time?assuming i can get the data from parallel port.
    Any good hardware or microcontroller forum can introduce?
    Thank you.
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    I don't know of any other forums, but we'll help you here if we can.

    First, you should consider some other (non-free) options. Instead of using the parallel port, you could purchase an analog I/O board that will come with software that can monitor the I/O. It also comes with an SDK for writting your own software that uses the board. These boards are exspensive however.

    Do you just want to detect that a heartbeat occured, or do you need to read ADC values for each hearbeat?

    If you just want to detect the heartbeat, then you don't really need an ADC, you just need to put enough voltage on one of the lines so you can detect it in software. In this case, you could simply use the RTS or DTR line of a COM port.

    If you actually need to read ADC values, then you have alot more work/research to do (and I hope you're an electrical engineer). Start your research by looking into what other people have done.


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    Thank you Codeplug.
    i am just an engineering student, a project required me to detect the heart beat pulse,(a circuit, which generates the pulses, has been provided)and display the waveform in windows in real time by using program.(that means when the circuit generates pulse, it show the pulse in window at the same time).
    Another task is that the pulses convert to digital by ADC, and store in computer through parallel port, I need to calculate the power spectral density in real time while the data received by computer continuously(May be take 1024 samples/period, and calculate their PSD in real time), I have not got any good idea about it. can you give me some suggestion?
    Thank you very much.

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