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    Process visibility


    Is it possible to have a window that is not listed on the taskbar yet is listed on the Task Manager (Under Applications)? I've tried making the window a tool window, but that makes it completely invisible to the system aside from in the Processes part of Task Manager.

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    I don't think so.
    If you can find an application that exhibits this behavior then you can use the Spy++ tool that comes with VC++ to look at the window's style and class properties.

    Why do you want to be in the applications tab of task manager but not on the taskbar?


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    one word:


    really, there is no reason not to have something completely invisible except for task manager unless it is a virus, or a daemon, but even that would be better left on the taskbar for easy shutdown

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    You can write a console app that runs as a service - that gives you what you want, as that is basically what services are.

    That may be what he's trying to do.

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    I would have thought if he wanted to write an in-memory virus, he wouldn't want it on the applications tab of the process manager either.

    It can be removed from the taskbar easily enough, and still show a window on the desktop, but not being on the taskbar means not being shown in "applications" either.

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    We've a forum full of suspicious minds on here, honestly... "Doing something a bit unusual? Ooo, must be a virus..."

    I just wanted to place a window on the desktop that displays status messages sent from a server app, and as it's always on top there's no point in it taking up precious taskbar. I need it in the Applications part of the Task Manager so that it can still be closed gracefully rather than pulling the process's plug.

    And I answered my own question eventually, with a bit of faffing about. The original idea (Use a tool window) does work so long as I give it a title, silly me.

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