Thread: LoadBitmap with variable bitmap name

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    LoadBitmap with variable bitmap name

    I think this is a first, Im not having problems troubleshooting :-). I got everything working for the most part. I even got the bitmap loading correctly. The problem being that the bitmap in the one section has to change on each WM_Timer message(well with the correct LOWORD). The Resource name of the bitmap will be set in a seperate function. The problem being I need to call MAKEINTRESOURCE for the bitmap name. If I try that with the variable it tries finding the bitmap with the variable's name. How can I have a LoadBitmap call with a variable bitmap name??
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    char buff[100];
    sprintf( buff, "bitmap%d.bmp", num );
    LoadBitmap( instance, buff );
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    LoadBitmap() only loads bmp from the exe resources. It needs the MAKEINTRESOURCE()

    Use a switch or if/else. Change the index with the timer msg in the callback (ie increment the last value)

    I would load them all at start.
    Keep an array of handles and just use the correct index.
    Free all at close (after ensuring none are selected into a DC)

    or use LoadImage(). Can specify the full path to the image if use LR_LOADFROMFILE


    or for folders off the working folder

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