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    Dear All,
    can different classes share one dialog?
    Thank you!
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    1. Use descriptive subject lines.

    2. Do you mean MFC classes, String classes, or what?

    3. By dialog, do you mean a window?
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    Sorry, i am a new user. So cannot declare clearly.
    The classes that i mean is MFC classes.Can different classes share one window, that means when i have some options, once i select one option, and click OK, it will display a dialog, when i select another option, click OK, it will display same dialog, but the context in "Edit"fields on the same dialog will change.(update same dialog)

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    AFAIK Yes.

    I would create a class that uses the dialog and handled the general stuff.

    Then create (derive) the other classes based on this dialog class.
    Then modify these derived classes as needed.

    So if you needed two diff ways for the dialog to work you would need three classes.
    The base, and then two derived from this class.

    I do this to create a theme to my apps. The base class handles all skinning, logos ect.
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