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    Dll woes

    Quick question about loading dlls. I used to have windows Malignant Edition and put my dll's into the windows system folder and everything was okay, now I have win 2000 and I cant get my dlls to load, where should they be placed? I have tried the various WINDOWS & WINNT system/system32 folders.
    I load dlls like this
    LibInst = LoadLibrary( "WH_KeyHook" );
    hhk = SetWindowsHookEx( WH_GETMESSAGE, ( HOOKPROC ) &GetMsgProc, hInst, 0 );
    the return values are checked for NULL so I assume all is okay there. My dlls should be fine to as they worked before, this driving me nuts.

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    Is WM_KeyHook.DLL somewhere in your search path?
    Try using a full pathname in the call LoadLibrary().
    If LoadLibrary() returns NULL, call GetLastError() to see why it failed.


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    Win2000? Probably c:\WinNT\system32...

    LoadLibrary uses the following list to look for dlls

    • The directory from which the application loaded.
    • The current directory.
    • The Windows system directory. Use the GetSystemDirectory function to get the path of this directory.
    • The Windows directory. Use the GetWindowsDirectory function to get the path of this directory.
    • The directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable.
    Or you can use a custom directory and use LoadLibraryEx to load the dll

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    LOL, it was one of those stupid errors you dont want to admit to.
    Heh heh, I changed the name of hInst to LibInst, but the complier didnt pick it up because I'd called something else hInst.
    *slaps himself about the head with keyboard*

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