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    Question Backwards Up-Down

    My Up-Down... is... backwards. I push the down arrow and it goes up and vice versa...

    CONTROL "", IDC_UD_YEAR, "msctls_updown32", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | UDS_SETBUDDYINT | UDS_AUTOBUDDY, 160, 165, 10, 12

    SendDlgItemMessage(hwndDlg, IDC_UD_YEAR, UDM_SETRANGE, 0, (LPARAM) MAKELONG((short) 1700, (short) theTime.wYear + 2));

    What is going on...? I have another one that I haven't set the range on it yet, but it does the same thing...
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    That's normal behaviour. Use the UDM_SETRANGE message to alter it, eg.
    SendMessage(hUpDown, UDM_SETRANGE, 0, MAKELPARAM(100,0));
    sets the range for the up-down control with handle, hUpDown, to 0-100 with the control behaving as you want it to.
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