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    is it possible?

    hi, everyone,
    i have one circuit image, when i click the button "show" it will show the image, when i click"calculate" the program will caculate the value of components of the circuit, but it cannot update the value of component on the image, is it possible to do that with MFC?Thank you.

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    How would the program know what the value of the components are? If it is the same picture I guess that would not matter, but that would not be very useful. So I guess that would mean you would not be able to do that.
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    >>it possible to do that with MFC?

    Sure. Not easy but possible.

    It will require a new image if you want the changes to persist. (be there next time you open the image)

    Easier is to write text over the top of the image. (ie a rectangle of the background colour to cover the old value then print your new one)
    This will disappear after the program stops and have to be redrawn. Will have to be careful not to draw over the components.

    >>when i click"calculate" the program will caculate the value of components of the circuit,

    I presume you will have the values stored somewhere else. That is have an image and a file containing the list of components on the image.

    Otherwise your are into image procesing. ie getting the PC to recognise each components 'picture' .
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