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    Question Mouse Events

    First of all I am pretty much a novice when it comes to Windows programming so no laughing!!

    Here is the deal....

    I have created a MFC app with the main window being a dialog that has 5 ActiveX graph controls (child windows) inside of it. I do not have the code that was used to develop these ActiveX controls which is a bummer.

    Ok what I want to do is be able to right click on a graph, get a popup context menu that would allow me to select a command that would blow up a graph to full screen(within the confines of the main dialog). I have created the menu and mouse event handler inside of the main dialog class. The problem is it appears as if the child controls eat up the WM_RBUTTONUP message which I want the main dialog window to intercept and handle. I can't seem to attach any mouse event handlers to the child controls as I do not have the code to the ActiveX controls.

    So does anyone know of a way to bypass all child controls and force the main dialog to accept all mouse events inside of its client area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can try overloading "WindowProc()" method in your CDialog object and handle the mouse events there.


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