Thread: error C2660: 'CreateCall'

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    error C2660: 'CreateCall'

    I am working with tapi 3 , Using Vc++6.0 and XP

    Why do I get a error Like this-->
    incoming.cpp(78) : error C2660: 'CreateCall' : function does not take 4 parameters

    My code is.........
    BSTR bstrNumber;
    ITAddress * pAddress = NULL;
    ITBasicCallControl *pCallControl;
    HRESULT hr;

    bstrNumber = SysAllocString( L"9845550116" );
    hr = pAddress->CreateCall(bstrNumber,LINEADDRESSTYPE_PHONENUMB ER ,TAPIMEDIATYPE_AUDIO,&pCallControl);

    if ( SUCCEEDED(hr) )
    DoMessage(L" CreateCall Succeeded");



    I tried using the constant numbers of the LINEADDRESSTYPE_PHONENUMBER

    where is the problem?

    I am a beginner to COM and tapi 3.

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    That is very strange, because MSDN states that the function takes 4 parameters. Can you post all of your code?
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