Thread: Loop when inactive ?

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    Loop when inactive ?

    Hi, I'm trying to create a program which checks to see if another program is running and if it is, shut it down.

    It's working as long as I keep the program in focus, but when it loses focus the loop holds I guess.

    while(GetMessage(&Msg, hWnd, 0, 0) > 0)
    		static HWND hIexplore;
    		hIexplore = FindWindow("IEFrame", "Session control window - Microsoft Internet Explorer");
    		if(hIexplore != NULL)
    			SendMessage(hIexplore, WM_DESTROY, 0, 0);
    			SendMessage(hIexplore, WM_NCDESTROY, 0, 0);

    Is there a way to make the loop run while minimized ?
    Or am I doing it the wrong way ?

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    That's because you window has to recieve messages so your code will run.
    Don't do the work inside your message loop. Create a timer and handle the WM_TIMER message in your window proc.

    This article will help as well.


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    Everything working as intended now, thank you

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    Or use PeekMessage()

    This checks to see if there is a message for your app. If not it returns allowing you to poll for the other app.

    GetMessage() will not return from the OS until there is a message for your app.

    CPU useage will be near 100% though unless you check the rate (ie limit frame rate)
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