Thread: Exception idea in C compatible library. Comments.

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    Exception idea in C compatible library. Comments.

    Hello, I'm building a library (in C) amd am wondering about handling exception information. I was thinking about something like this. What do you think?

    // Functions look like this...
    void ALibraryFunction() {
    	// function work
    	return LIB_EXIT_EX(hr, "what ever");
    // exception code...
    typedef struct tagLIB_EXCEPTION {
    	UINT nStackCount;
    	LPWSTR szInitialFunction;
    	LPWSTR szInnerFunction;
    	LPWSTR szErrorInfo;	
    	// more exception info here.
    	HRESULT hr;
    LIB_EXCEPTION g_LibException;
    // =============================================
    VOID LIB_ENTER(LPCWSTR szFunctionName) {
    	LPLIB_EXCEPTION pLibException = &g_LibException;
    	if (pLibException->nStackCount++ == 0) {
    		ZeroMemory(pLibException, sizeof(LIB_EXCEPTION));
    		pLibException->szInitialFunction = szFunctionName;
    	pLibException->szInnerFunction = szFunctionName;
    //=============================================HRESULT LIB_EXITEX(HRESULT hr, LPCWSTR szErrorInfo) {
    	if (szErrorInfo) wcsncpy(pLibException->szErrorInfo, szMember, 63);
    	pLibException->hr = hr;
    	if (--pLibException->nStackCount == 0 && FAILED(hr)) LibShowException();
    	return hr;
    // ============================================
    HRESULT LibFormatException(LPWSTR szBuffer, UINT cchBufferSize) {
    // format exception structure into nice string..
    // =============================================
    HRESULT LibShowException(void) {
    	WCHAR szMessage[512];
    	LibFormatException(szMessage, 512);
    	MessageBoxW(NULL, szMessage, NULL, MB_ICONWARNING);

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    Don't know if you've looked into this already but structured exception handling may be of some interest to you.
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    Thanks a lot for the reply. The problem with seh is that it is not widely supported by C compilers(as far as I know). I've implemented my idea and I think it works quite well. It can be toggled at runtime and the exception code can be entirely excluded at compile time with a define.

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