Thread: Dialog LB output problems.

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    Dialog LB output problems.

    I am trying to get output to a list box in my dialog working.

    Here is an example of the function I am using.
    SendMessage(GetDlgItem( hChildHandle, IDC_SESSIONS ),LB_ADDSTRING,0,(LPARAM)szText);

    hChildHandle is equal to my main window handle
    do I need a seperate handle for my dialog, if so how do I get it.

    Little confused about handles.

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    Post Maybe this ...

    You may want to make the third parameter of SendMessage() look like this:

    (WPARAM) strlen(szText),


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    That didn't work.
    Here is the code for my output function.
    note I am sending main_window_handl,szstring to the function
    void vShowText(HWND	hChildHandle, char *szText)
    	int Line;
    	// add string to the listbox
    	SendMessage(GetDlgItem( hChildHandle, IDC_SESSIONS ),LB_ADDSTRING,(WPARAM)strlen(szText),(LPARAM)szText);
    	// determine number of items in listbox
    	Line = SendMessage(GetDlgItem( hChildHandle, IDC_SESSIONS ),LB_GETCOUNT,0,0);
    	// flag last item as the selected item, to scroll listbox down
    	SendMessage(GetDlgItem( hChildHandle, IDC_SESSIONS ),LB_SETCURSEL,Line-1,0);
    	// unflag all items to eliminate negative highlite
    	SendMessage(GetDlgItem( hChildHandle, IDC_SESSIONS ),LB_SETCURSEL,-1,0);
    	EnableWindow(GetDlgItem(hChildHandle, IDC_SESSIONS ), FALSE );

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    it was the handle that was the main problem
    I set up a global variable for hDlg then initialized it in the init section of the dialog call back procedure
    then I changed all the function calls to reflect the new handle

    presto it works (except for my send message button lol but I'll work on that)

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