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    Here's a few questions regarding Petzold...

    (1) Is there a book equivalent to Petzold's Win32 book for .Net? I mean one that is considered as bible, but it's for .Net?

    (2) I know he released a .Net/C# book, but does it measure up to the old Win32 C-language book?

    The reason I want to know is I want to learn Windows Programming in C#. That is, those that go very deep into Windows API.

    (3) Is Petzold's Win32 (C language) book still relevant now that .Net is here?

    Thank you for any input.

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    1: Programming Windows® with C# (Core Reference) by Charles Petzold
    2: I don't care if it mesures up to the Win32 book, I refuse to use or acknowledge C#. It is just another piece created by Micro$oft to try to control the world.
    3: Absolutly. With out the Win32 API the .Net framework would not exist. C programming language creates very small and very fast exicutible files. C++ creates slightly larger and almost as fast exicutible files. However I don't know the size or speed of C#, but I assume it is like VB...small but slow...
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