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    Checking an App

    Sorry about crappy subject but not sure how to describe this.

    Can anyone tell my how i would check to see with the explorer ftp command worked?...i know if you have a wrong username or password it pops up with a login screen and i want to know if it poped up or it let me in? I hope u can understand. ummm for an example: ftp://admin:admin@ and if the username and password dont match it pops up like a javascript login box or something like that. i just need to know how to check if it opens or not thanks

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    Here's an idea:

    1. Create your project, a Win32 application, and put in a window
    2. Make the window invisible, ShowWindow(hwnd,FALSE);
    3. Create a timer, SetTimer(hwnd,ID_TIMER,5000,NULL);
    4. Handle the code in the WndProc, WM_TIMER
    5. Enumerate the windows to check for the one you want, EnumWindows(EnumProc,NULL);

    Is that clear enough?
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