Thread: a good windows API programming book

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    a good windows API programming book

    I'm just starting to learn Windows API programming. I read most of Horton's Beginning Visual C++ book that came with my Visual Studios. While I undestood the API sections, the MFC had me confused. Should I buckle down and learn te MFC or should I learn more of the API first? What would be a good book to get? None of the book stores in my area have an API book; they are all MFC or .NET.


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    I prefer the API over MFC but it's each programmer's general choice on which they prefer/want to use. I don't have the book with me right now so I will post again tomorrow with the book that I bought to learn the API incase you decide to go that route.


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    Understand the WIN32 API.

    Learn the wrapper (MFC).

    Good book on API, do a search here for the other 50 threads where this has been asked ( Petzold! )
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    I'm sure most Win32 programmers would agree with me that the most complete Windows API source is MSDN. Its the most up-to-date and official guide to the Windows API.

    The problem is navigating the damn thing.

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