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    Creating new font characters

    I'm making a small program to convert roman numerals to decimal, but to do that I need to be able to draw a tilde over an M, to represent a million. Ie:


    But of course, I want the tilde to be right on top of the M, not on the line above.

    What is the best method to achieve this? I tried drawing it myself, but I got stuck because of the complexity of edit control painting. Would it be possible to create a new character, or something similar?
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    Instead of using an edit control you could always just have the client rect of the program with a white background (or maybe just use an edit control for user input leaving the rest of the client rect white by itself) and then using the TextOut() function you could setup the co-ordinates of the two (the M and the ~) so then they are exactly how you want them? That is one solution other then creating your own font, or finding a font that someone else has already made that utilizes this type of M with the ~ on top of it. I'm sure someone has created a font that contains this character but I couldn't tell you exactly which one. I searched a couple fonts in the unicode format (so then I got all the characters) and there was no sign of this character. If I find one though, I'll let you know.

    Good luck and hope this helps,

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