Thread: What type of control should I use

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    What type of control should I use


    Can anyone point out which type of control will allow me to uses the return key when entering text. My program is set up as follows: Click on an edit button and a dialog box appears. This dialog consists of various edit controls for entering a single line of text. I'm looking for a control that will allow me to enter muliple line of text. All the information from this dialog box is then used to update a database.

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    edit with ES_MULTILINE style should do well enough..

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    I would use a ListView in report style.

    A simple listview with the edit labels style would work. This is better than a series of edits as it can be used in loops if you align the database items index and the listview index ie first element in DB table is first index in listview.

    For more complex data entry I would subclass the control.

    I would use ODBC to connect to the database and fill the first column with the table headers. Then the data type in a second (switch for a more meaningful description ie SQL_DATE = Date dd/mm/yyyy).

    Then subclass the control to allow the user to enter data in the third column.
    I create an edit (or combo box) in the cell the user clicks the mouse on.
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