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    retrieve computer info


    i was wondering, where to gather the pc info..
    i'm fairly new to c++, only make console applications at the moment..experiment with things a lot

    now i thought, it would be nice if i make something, that shows the info of my pc. Like the processor/cpu, ram, what removeble drives are in my pc and stuff like that. Maybe even what os i'm running. It is probably stored by windows somewhere, but i have no clue where to go look for it, maybe some info on that, and to read the specific file where it's stored, how can that be done best.

    Best regards

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    Check the MSDN at and search for base services as well as the registry Win32 API calls.
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    GetSystemInfo (declared in windows.h) might be helpful:

    VOID GetSystemInfo(
      LPSYSTEM_INFO lpSystemInfo  // system information
    where LPSYSTEM_INFO points to following struct
    typedef struct _SYSTEM_INFO { 
      union { 
        DWORD  dwOemId; 
        struct { 
          WORD wProcessorArchitecture; 
          WORD wReserved; 
      DWORD  dwPageSize; 
      LPVOID lpMinimumApplicationAddress; 
      LPVOID lpMaximumApplicationAddress; 
      DWORD_PTR dwActiveProcessorMask; 
      DWORD dwNumberOfProcessors; 
      DWORD dwProcessorType; 
      DWORD dwAllocationGranularity; 
      WORD wProcessorLevel; 
      WORD wProcessorRevision; 
    Furthermore perform a search for "Getting Hardware Information" on msdn.
    There are also several related projects with source code on

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