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    Question MFC question...

    I have a problem to write an MFC application that will display whatever the user types in the client area. Also I need to restore (repaint) everything when user minimize the window.

    Right now I am using the code from the book that allows user to enter one char and to restore the same one but I dont know how to that for more lines. New line should start when user press enter.

    // Process a WM_CHAR message.
    afx_msg void CMainWin::OnChar(UINT ch,
                                  UINT count, UINT flags)
      CClientDC dc(this);
      dc.TextOut(1, 1, "   ", 3); // erase previous char
      wsprintf(str, "%c", ch);
      dc.TextOut(1, 1, str, strlen(str));
    // Process a WM_PAINT message.
    afx_msg void CMainWin::OnPaint()
      // If we use CClientDC instead we will have a LOT of paint messages.
      CPaintDC dc(this);
      // this line redisplays the last character
      dc.TextOut(1, 1, str, strlen(str));
    this is what i'm using so far (copy/paste from the book)

    everything will help

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    Instead of using a char* you should change it to using CString (MFC) or string (STL) that way in the OnChar() function you could do variable += ch to add the char on the end of the string.
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