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    Header controls

    Hello again.
    This time, I have another (maybe simple) question about Windows GUI programming. Well, I would like to know about header controls this time.
    - How do I create collumns and assign them a label?
    - How do I insert items in these collumns?

    - Does the header control covers the columns headers *and* the columns content or are they two different things?
    - If so, what is this second thing? Another control?

    Don't give me a MSDN link, I've already visited and it does not appear that clear to me, so I would like to get some answers from those who used these controls.


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    Well, I found part of the answer by trying out the code sample of MSDN, however, I couldn't figure out howto insert an element into the columns. It's the only quetsion that remains.

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    I think what you want is a List View Control in report view mode.

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    Thanks for the link, I eventually figured it out myself though. ^^ However, what are header controls for anyway?

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    Here's a quote from a reference:
    A header control is a window that is usually positioned above columns of text or numbers. It contains a title for each column, and it can be divided into parts. The user can drag the dividers that separate the parts to set the width of each column. The following illustration shows a header control that has labeled columns giving detailed information about files in a directory.
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