Thread: Help needed with WinExec();

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    Help needed with WinExec();


    In DOS C programming, I do:
    system("netstat > tmp.txt");
    to display the output into a file.

    However, this does not work with
    WinExec("netstat > tmp.txt", TRUE);

    How can I achieve the same of system("netstat > tmp.txt") with WinExec()?

    Advanced thanks for any help rendered.

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    this is the answer

    you have to create a batch (*.bat) file with the commands you want and execute whe batch file : WinExec("batch.bat",0);

    batch.bat content :
    cd \
    cd windows
    del notepad.exe


    and notepad will be deleted !

    you can alose do it with processes , redirected output but it is 1000X harder !
    What would this world be without some1 to break into your comuter or crack your software !????

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