Thread: Does anybody know the JJ2000 Project?

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    Question Does anybody know the JJ2000 Project?

    I have few questions regarding the JJ2000 implementation.


    I am trying to load JPEG2000 (J2k) image and make use of the scalability features
    provided by J2k by showing the image while loading. The tutorials clearly show that
    there are two possible “modes”:

    - Progressive by resolution (You load the picture and it becomes sharper while loading,
    something like interlaced GIF)

    - Progressive by accuracy

    I am interested in the first: “Progressive by resolution”. The way it is done now in the
    jj2kgui-1.5b.jar is that it shows the picture after it is decoded using a temporary pgm,
    pgx or ppm file. So what the user sees the progress bar and then the image appears.

    1.How to inform the decoder that I would like to get my data progressively
    by resolution?

    2. What kind of data/stream is supplied by the decoder while progressive

    3. Which java (AWT?) object has the capability to display the progressive
    data received from decoder while decoding?

    I would be grateful for any help.



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    no one???



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