Hello all,

I'm programming under C++Builder6 a Form, and I have encountered the following problem:

To simplify, I have one TEdit object in the form, and one TBitBtn in it. I have assigned an OnExit() event to the TEdit object so I can do some checks.

Well, if I press the TBitBtn object, the OnExit() event is called; if I Tab to the TBitBtn object, the TEdit's OnExit() event is called again. But, why if I press the Intro key, it isn't called??? Of course, I have the Default property of the TBitBtn set to true, so, why if I press the Enter key it isn't called.

Moreover, if I set an OnEnter() event to the TEdit object, it isn't called neither when i press enter.

What can I do?

Many thanks,
Artelo Leser.