Thread: what's a good TWAIN library/SDK? Also, JPG/TIF/GIF/PNG support...

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    Post what's a good TWAIN library/SDK? Also, JPG/TIF/GIF/PNG support...

    I am writing an app that will help one to archive thier financial papers (bills, paystubs, tax forms, etc...) by providing a convenient, menu-based environment for storing, sorting, and retrieving the digital copies of the paper bills.

    In order to do this, I need a library or SDK that can help me access TWAIN for scanning. I also need at least .GIF and .JPG support, but would like to include .TIF (including multipage support) and .PNG support.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Since there are still no other replys, maybe I can help you at
    least with some small hints.

    Look at site of John Walker (AutoCad,...) and look there
    for source code. It's

    He has some code for screen savers showing jpegs, gifs,
    etc., so you could find there something usefull. Few
    weeks ago I just downloaded some stuff. I didn't
    have time to look at the code, but it looks promissing.
    I think it wasn't MFC or something, but pure Win32 API.


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