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    Question Adding folders to multiple directories

    I think this is one of my first threads, so apologies if I do anything to annoy anyone.

    I need to add a folder called "Photos" to about 4000 individual folders.

    Would a C program be an appropriate solution to speed this up, or is it unnecessarily complicated and is there a simplier plan I'm missing.

    Any help would be useful.


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    Potentially, this is very easy. My innate wariness of a simple task like this leads me to ask for more information. Where are these 4000 folders/directories? Are they on the local machine? Are they in a simple directory tree? Are they listed in a file?

    To create a directory within another, you simply use the CreateDirectory() API routine.

    I remember answering a question very like this on another board where the basic idea was simplicity itself, but the questioner wrapped it up in an almost impossible UI.
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    Thanks for your help

    Thanks for your reply, although I too, once I thought about it, realised it should be simple. Plus my housemate (that is Iain for you regular users) has been recently working alot with Visual Basic and has written a solution for me. He is not impressed I mentioned his Visual Basic programming on here, so I add that he is on an industrial placement and is forced to use it.

    If you still want details of the problem just for clarification then :-

    There is about 4000 folders numbered with 4 digits, although every combination isn't present. In each I need a folder called "Photo" added (and possibly others, but that is just an extension of the main problem).

    i.e. C:\Jobs 1000 - 2000\1001
    C:\Jobs 4001 - 5000\4673 etc.

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