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    Document/View architecture help :: MFC

    I have started to learn some MFC and am trying to get to grips with the document/view architecture. In Jeff Prosiseís book, he gives examples of creating different types of views such as CEditViews etc. What I would like to do however is create a GUI like that of an MSN messenger chat window. So I want a couple of edit boxes and a push button. I canít find any examples of how to create a view that combines a number of different types of controls. I have tried creating a standard document and view application (using the AppWizard), adding an edit box and a push button to the view object and then setting them up in the viewís OnCreate () function as follows:

    class CEncryptedMessengerView : public CView
    protected: // create from serialization only
    // Attributes
    	CEncryptedMessengerDoc* GetDocument();
    	CEdit InputBox;
    	CButton SendButton;
    afx_msg int OnCreate (LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct);
    Thatís the relevant part of the view class. The OnCreate() function then looks like:

    int CEncryptedMessengerView::OnCreate (LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
    	if (CView::OnCreate (lpCreateStruct))
    		return 0;
    	CRect edit_rect, rect;
    	GetClientRect(&edit_rect); = (edit_rect.Height () / 4) * 3;
    	edit_rect.right = (edit_rect.Width () / 4) * 3;
    	InputBox.Create(ES_AUTOHSCROLL, edit_rect, this, ID_ENTRY_WINDOW);
    	GetClientRect (&rect); = (rect.Height () / 4) * 3;
    	rect.left = (rect.Width () / 4) * 3;
    	rect.DeflateRect (rect.Width () / 4, rect.Height () / 6);
    	SendButton.Create ("Send", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | BS_PUSHBUTTON, rect, this, IDC_BUTTON);
    	return 1;
    This doesnít work. It compiles and runs ok but there is no sign of the controls.

    Now this method might be entirely wrong and I may not understand the system correctly but I canít find any examples or explanations of how to accomplish what I want.

    Can anyone help me out with an explanation about this and maybe some example code please?


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    Your value for is wrong. It is left and top and then bottom with right.

    So it is making your edit box 0 pixels wide.
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