Thread: retreiving console window text

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    retreiving console window text

    I currenly have a console chat client.

    Is there anyway i can make a program that recieves window messages sent from the console window each time text is displayed.

    Then each time my program recieves a message, it would retrieve the text that was sent to the console window, then store it into a char array, or would i have to recieve all of the text each time, then seperate it.

    just any idea on the function names would be helpful


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    Something like redirecting stdin/stdout with anonymous pipes may be of some interest to you.
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    Not sure this would work - but it worked for a richedit control I was wanting to do the same thing to (I think).

    You need to set up a hook in a dll that will intercept all the messages going to the console window (you'll need to get the HWND of the window). If you can figure out what the message is that snds the new text to the console you can simply forward it to your app. In my case the message was WM_REPLACESEL.

    Hope thats of some use.
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