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    Question Edit Menus

    I'm currently making my own code devlopment tool, with loads of cool features.....i noticed that when u right click in the edit area you get a menu appear, allowing to to undo, cut and paste ETC. I was wondering if there's a way you can add these options to the edit area of your menu(normal menu at the top of the window, file, edit & help ETC)........without having to write the fucnctions for it your self. If so, where can i get such resources, or what functions do i need, I've searched high and low......with no luck...please help...

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    Even though this article uses MFC I think it will give you a good start. When in doubt search

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    Lightbulb I knwo how!

    I got it. When you have the menu itself, do this(I have the menu==Edit -> Paste, Cut, Copy, Undo):

    case CM_EDIT_PASTE:
    SendMessage(html, WM_PASTE, (LPARAM)0, (WPARAM)0);
    case CM_EDIT_COPY:
    SendMessage(html, WM_COPY, (LPARAM)0, (WPARAM)0);
    case CM_EDIT_CUT:
    SendMessage(html, WM_CUT, (LPARAM)0, (WPARAM)0);
    case CM_EDIT_UNDO:
    SendMessage(html, EM_UNDO, (LPARAM)0, (WPARAM)0);


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