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    Simple combo box

    I'm using MVS .net 2003. I'm making a Windows Form App in C++ using the Designer.
    One question that I can't seem to find the answer to.
    I have 8 combo boxes, for 2 of the combo boxes, code has been generated with a new event when the index has been changed, and a empty function has been created also. I've looked at the propertes of all the combo boxes and they are all the same, but only two of them have this event handler.

    1) How do I add a event Handler for the other 6 combo boxes. Whenever I try to add the code manually, it gets erased when I change the form.


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    First make sure each control has a unique ID. Use the resource editor to add new message handlers. If that does not work, do it manually. Use the working examples as references.


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