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    Scanning memory

    Ok, if your going to ask why I need this... ILL TELL YA STR8 out.

    I wanna mod something I have. The only real way to do this is to scan memory stored, or memory being used to mod that.

    Basically ill be writing memory on a fly to mod whats going on in this program. Its a game program to be exact?

    Is this possiable? Are there programs out there that do this??

    Or does this seem weird, and never done before, OR just not intelligent?


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    There are ton of trainer programs out there for games. They find the area of memory that holds the information and changes them. How they do it I don't know.

    PS. Putting 8 instead of -ight is not cool no matter what anyone tells ya.

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    its shorter, thnx for the info

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    Have a look at these

    click me!
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    >>> its shorter, thnx for the info

    It also categorises you as "one of that type", the type the pro's tend to ignore. You want to save typing a few characters and at the same time dramatically reduce the number of useful responses you get to your posts, well fine - your choice.
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