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    Smile Need some learning resources.


    I am a beginner in programming.,I have been doing C programming in "DOS". I have done a few simple programs using MFC with a guidance of a tutorial, however I find it very difficult to use MFC.

    I would like to write processes in C but build the interface using Visual Basic. However I do not have any idea of how to make a DLL in C language using Visual C++ and how to call and communicate between VB and the DLL.

    Would greatly appreciate if anyone can reccommend me to good tutorials on this subject. It would be wonderful if someone could give me a simple example which includes 'the full code in the DLL of a function with input and output' and 'a call from VB which will give input and receive output from the DLL'.

    So sorry that I did not try hard enough searching around before seeking help as I am currently serving my National Service and got very little time.

    Thanks in advance.

    (I am using Visual Studio 6.0)

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    You may be trying to learn too much at once. Start at the foundation with C or C++. Go to windows programming after you are confident in C and/or C++.


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    If you want an easy to use GUI (like in Visual Basic) but be able to write all the code in C++, then it sounds like you need Borland C++ Builder - this gives the exactly that - gui creation as like VB, but coding as like VC++.

    It's not going to cost you a great deal either, there are old copies of Borland C++ Builder taped to the back of several books on how to use the product.

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