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    Question on Font

    Ok created my own font and got it working. I'm trying to get and use some symbols from the standard ASCII.

    An example of the character I'm trying to get is on the attached file. On the character map Font Courier New, bottom says U +256C.

    How would I output this character? In a console I could printf("%c", 206); and I have tried to use that format with wsprintf but can't seem to find the right #. Any help would be great.

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    The character you are trying to output is not standard ASCII, rather, it is in the "extended ASCII" set, and the font you have derived from may not include it, (some tt fonts do not), these characters were created really for console type environments.

    Dump all of the characters of your font out to a window and see what is there, and where it is. If it's not there, then it's not there.
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    You may find that the character you used to use in dos is now part of Unicode in Windows. Check out the unicode specs to see if your character is a part of it.

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