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    Unable to lock Dialog

    What would the best way to be to lock the dialog and or move it back to its original location after it has been relocated with the mouse? Thanks

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    When a user is actually moving a window, the OS sends your processing loop WM_MOVING messages and when the move is complete, a WM_MOVE message. You can process these yourself to do whatever you like.

    You can use MoveWindow() to move a window around.

    Users tend to move windows because they want to. Windows is designed like that. By changing the behaviour of your windows, your app will not feel like a proper Windows app. People don't like that. You should be really sure you need to do this before trying.
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    I do some thing like this,

    When the Dlg is created I get the screen coods in a RECT (CRect ect)

    Then I stop the user being able to start to move it. By changing the move msg as it passes in the callback.

    case  WM_MOVING:
    ((RECT*) lParam)->left= rScreenRect.left;
    ((RECT*) lParam)->right= rScreenRect.right;
    ((RECT*) lParam)->top=;
    ((RECT*) lParam)->bottom= rScreenRect.bottom;
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    I appreciate the feedback.

    Let me see what I can do with it. Thanks

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