Thread: Hmmm ...Win32API, MFC, .NET..which one?

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    Hmmm ...Win32API, MFC, .NET..which one?

    I am looking for everyones opinions on the best vehicle to launch a C/C++ developer into the wide wonderful world of windows programming. MFC, Win32API, or Managed code using .NET ( if .NET, then C#, C++, VB, or whatever)

    Since my memory objects to an obscenely low amount of information, I would really like to make the right decision the FIRST time and not over stress my synapses. Foremost, I would like to devlop a long-term strategy heading towards becoming a windows programming master I am mostly concerned about starting off in the wrong direction and regretting it later.

    My experience with programming thus far encompasses programming microcontrollers to console applications using C/C++. As you can see I have no GUI experience, a fact I would like to change. So please everyone, spill your guts!! I want to know what everyone thinks!

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    MFC is currently semi-popular. However, AFAIK, it is no longer going to be updated.

    For quick development time, C# is going to be the future, IMHO.

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    Since everything is based on the Win32 API, I would suggest learning that first. I do not believe that the Win32 API is the fastest way to create a GUI application, but it is the way to go to have the foundation for understanding what is going on under the hood, which I truly believe is very important for learning properly. It makes the difference between understanding something or just plain remembering something. One will last a life time and the other is prone to errors and can never be applied elsewhere.

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