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    Minimizing Memory

    Hi there,

    This is kind of a general question.
    Recently I made an application using C++ Builder.
    I pressed the CTRL+ALT+DEL to see how much memory my program used.
    I saw that it used about 6 K. All the other running applications had between 1 and 2 K.
    I must be doing something wrong, and my program uses a lot of memory.
    Could it be from the fact, that I'm using 3 thread objects,and 2 Forms inside the project? They don't seem too much to me.

    Could someone please explain to me what should I do in the future to minimize the memory needed by my application?

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    a) Compile in Release mode if you're using MSVC++
    b) Minimize the use of unneccessary variables (note, unneccessary)
    c) delete[] arrays, not delete, and make sure that you do
    d) Not sure, but threads might take up some memory
    e) Avoid "double array[9999999];"
    f) Just kidding.

    Just Google It. √

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    g) Dynamically alloc memory as needed and free asap.

    >>I saw that it used about 6 K. All the other running applications had between 1 and 2 K.

    LOL! a whole 6K! You resource hogg!

    The other apps may not be running / working / using CPU / holding much data.

    6K is nothing, as long as it is stable( does not increase over time, has no leaks). 6K a second is a problem....

    An app I wrote uses over 40Mb to init, then it starts downloading data and uncompressing it...... This can quickly get to around 100Mb....
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    since you are using Builder, Make sure you allocate the forms dynamically (using new), rather than creating them all at the same time in the main part of the project.

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    You missunderstood what I said.
    I didn't say that 6 K is enormous,
    it's just that it's a very small app, and I think that for that kind of app 6K is enormous.Just that,and nothing more.

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