Thread: Edit Box Questions PT. II

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    If hEdit is a global variable, or the GetWindowText() is in the WM_CREATE message thing right under the CreateWindow(), I don't know.

    Otherwise, if hEdit is local to the message loop, and you create another HWND called hEdit somewhere else, then novacain is probably right (hEdit = GetDlgItem(hWndMain, EDIT_BOX).

    And you should not be doing, as it sounds like you are:
    SendMessage(EDIT_BOX, ...)

    It should be:
    hEdit = GetDlgItem(hwnd, EDIT_BOX);
    SendMessage(hEdit, ...);

    Hope this helps...
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    OK, so hEdit is global. (in which case it will work)

    It appeared to be a local in your code snippets.

    >>#define EDIT_BOX 0x00EB

    I find
    //edit ctrl for the username input
    #define IDE_USERNAME 40001


    easier to understand and order
    (have a look at the resource.h file for the values the compiler uses)
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