Thread: Could someone do me a REALLY quick favor

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    Could someone do me a REALLY quick favor

    for someone who has MSVC++ or .NET or whatever else has a decent MSVC++ like resource editor, please i need a quick favor.

    open the resource editor and MSpaint, make like a line or something and save the .bmp, then go back to the resource editor, make a new dialog and embed the picture. then save the .rc .

    i need this, because no matter what i seem to do, i get errors when trying to compile in Bloodshed Dev, now ive gotten pretty good at translating MSVC++ code to Bloodshed resource syntax. so dont worry about that.

    could someone please do this. i would be forever in their thanks

    this help will help me forever. i would greatly appreciate it.
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    The start page for resource definition statements is here from which BITMAP, among others can be found.

    From what I recall, the only issue with image resource definition statements and devcpp was that path names had to be absolute, but that was only with v4/v4.01; the newer devcpp5 betas can all use relative paths.

    If you still have problems, post your resource script.
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