Thread: Memory problem with WorkerThread

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    Memory problem with WorkerThread

    Hello guys,

    I am frequently using one WorkerThread in my application. It is starting using AfxBeginThread() function. When I run application from within IDE, debug window is also not showing any memory leake.

    But when I run this application in Windows NT, its task manager shows memory usage going on increasing by time in chunk of 4 KB.

    Can anybody show me the way to control this memory wastage.

    Thanking You,
    Chintan R Naik

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    Does it continually leak, or does the leak slow down and stop eventually?

    The reason I ask, is that the NT memory manager tends to allocate memory quite freely, but does not necessarily return it immediately it is deallocated, or necessarily in the same size chunks as it first allocated it.

    If it is perpetually increasing, then you a a bug in your code which you don't show.
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