Thread: Systray Icon removeable

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    Systray Icon removeable

    Is it possible to remove an other apps icon from the systray?
    I am going to write a frontend for an app and therefore want to give the user the possibilty to completly hide the other app, until it is needed again.

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    Well, since you need to pass the structure that was provided when the icon was created, I'd say it would be very difficult, if not possible, to remove the icon. The handle of the app window would be easy to get and fake, but the ID could be much tougher. Besides, if you did manage to remove the icon, the other application would most likely do something undefined as could be attempting to use something that has been freed.

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    elixia is correct it is impossible to remove it or hide it legitemately the only way around it i guess would be to hook the program and intersept any commands related to the systray icon, then blitting a mask for the icon in the systray over the top of the icon this will give the user the feel that it has been hidden but realy it will just be visually morphed and calls intercepted ont he downside you will have a imaginary gap in the systray where the icon should be (err well still is ^^) hope my rambling helps ^^

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