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    Question Creating a toolbar using CreateWindowEX()

    Im trying to create a tool bar for a text editor using CreateWindowEX().
    The tool bar will show up fine, but then when you click on the button nothing will happen. Also, when you start typing in the edit box it just types over the tool bar and it eventually disapears.
    I have included commctrl.h and linked comctl32.lib.
    I have also called InitCommonControls();

    heres the code that i used to create the tool bar
    void Document::CreateToolBar(const HWND &hwnd)
    	TBBUTTON tbbutton;//struct for buttons
    	TBADDBITMAP tbbit;//struct for bitmaps on the buttons
    	//create toolbar
    	htool=CreateWindowEx(0, TOOLBARCLASSNAME,/*constant in commctrl.h*/ NULL, WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 0,0,0,0,
    				hwnd/*handle to the window i want it in*/,NULL, GetModuleHandle(NULL), NULL);
    	//send TB_BUTTONSTRUCTSIZE msg for backwards compatibility
    	SendMessage(htool,TB_BUTTONSTRUCTSIZE, (WPARAM) sizeof(TBBUTTON), 0);
    	//add standard bitmaps
    	tbbit.hInst= HINST_COMMCTRL; //defined in header file
    	tbbit.nID = IDB_STD_SMALL_COLOR;
    	SendMessage(htool,TB_ADDBITMAP, 0, (LPARAM)&tbbit);
    	//add buttons
    	//ZeroMemory(tbbutton, sizeof(tbbutton));
        tbbutton.iBitmap = STD_FILEOPEN;
        tbbutton.fsState = TBSTATE_ENABLED;
        tbbutton.fsStyle = TBSTYLE_BUTTON;
        tbbutton.idCommand = M_OPEN;
    	SendMessage(htool,TB_ADDBUTTONS, sizeof(tbbutton)/sizeof(TBBUTTON), (LPARAM) &tbbutton);
    									//above tells how many buttons we have
    }//end of Document::CreateToolBar()
    This function is called in WinMain after the creation of my window and the hwnd for my window is used as the parameter.

    I think that it might be relevant to put in the code that I used to create the edit box also:
    void Document::CreateEditBox(const HWND &hwnd, const LPARAM &lparam, HWND &edit,const RECT &rect)
    	//create the edit box
    	//"EDIT" = a predefined window
    	//WS_CHILD = child to window, uses same WndProc
    	//ES_NOHIDEESEL = won't hid it when its not in focus
    	//ES_WANTRETURN = <enter>will be a carriage return
    	//((LPCREATESTRUCT)lparam)->hInstance = digs up the hinstance
    								0, 0, rect.right, rect.bottom, hwnd, (HMENU)EDIT_BOX,
    								((LPCREATESTRUCT)lparam)->hInstance, NULL);
    }//end of CreateEditBox()
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Make sure you set the top of your edit control to below the base of the toolbar and that should get rid of the disappearing edit control problem. You can do this in the WM_SIZE handler for the parent window.

    It may be that you couldn't get a response from your toolbar buttons because the edit control was somehow in the way. Once you have moved the edit control down a little, it may also eliminate this problem.
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    Thanks for your help Ken. That did the trick.

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